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Local Artist Showcase

Personal Financial Strategies is committed to supporting local artists in our community. We do so by offering our North Hampton office as a temporary display space for artists. Artworks are typically on display for a period of four to sixth months. 

If you would like to apply to be a featured artist, please download the application and follow the steps outlined below.

Our Current Local Artist: Amy Alterisio

Amy Alterisio

Amy Alterisio

Amy is a junior at the University of New Hampshire, from Grantham, NH, and a true rising talent in the local art world.

Her Work Displayed

Her Work Displayed

She works primarily in oil, watercolor, and gouache. Her subject matter is New England's nature and architecture where she is able to covey the beauty of New England

Step One

Please complete the following application form and submit via email, along with 6-12 images that serve as an accurate representation of your work, to We will then review your application and portfolio sample to determine whether your body of work would be a good fit for our office. Please note that at this time we are only accepting applications for 2-dimensional works of art that are able to be hung on a wall.


Step Two

In the event that you are selected to be one of our featured artists, you will be contacted by our office to coordinate the date your artwork should be hung. You, as the artist, will be responsible for the hanging and removing of your artwork from the Personal Financial Strategies office on a predetermined day. You will also be responsible for any necessary maintenance during the duration of your showing. Personal Financial Strategies will not be involved in the sale of any artworks. All sales must be facilitated by you, the artist, and any buyers, independent from Personal Financial Strategies.

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